Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Test Pieces

After spending this morning completing the storyboarding of my entire 50 second title sequence I used this afternoon to create a few quick test pieces. The title sequence is for an E4 program called Great British Bike Rides.

With this test piece I was seeing how I could animate a bike. I put all the moving parts on separate layers in illustrator, then when I opened the file in After Effects it was relatively easy to make them all move by rotating them around their anchor points. Mike showed me how to add an expression, which is basically a piece of code, that meant that all the movements would loop and basically go on as long as I decide to make the composition.

With this piece I just wanted to see how easy it was to sync the speed that the wheels turn to how fast the bike moves across the background.

Here I was seeing how easy it was to make a 'rolling road' so the bike could remain stationary in the frame and the background would move. I used the same expression code on the background so that it would loop and keep going for the length on the composition.

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